We're creative developers working in the South of England, UK. We build iOS & Android applications and websites.

About Us


We've made a couple of Mac apps - REX2MPC (in association with Joe Lambert) and the virtual BCF2000, with more iOS and Mac apps coming soon.



REX2MPC allows you to easily convert Propellerheads Recycle files (rcy, rex & rx2) for use with your Akai MPC. Now you can do away with 'Chop Shop' and use Recycle to cut up your breakbeats!

Go to the Rex2Mpc website

Virtual BCF2000

Virtual BCF2000

An application designed to mimic the BCF2000 midi controller, for when you don't have the hardware on hand. NB: The controller is set up in line with the Quartz Composer Sysex files published by Steve Mokris.

Download the latest version

Recent Work

We work with a raft of different clients on lots of projects; here is just a flavour. Check out our blog or labs for case studies, experiments, code and more.


We work across a number of different UI and server-side technologies, developing apps, websites and CMSs.

iOS Development


We've worked on projects for the New Era Cap Company, Unilever, Volkswagen, Yell and Novartis for iPhone and iPad, using Objective-C / Cocoa and HTML5

Flash / Flex


Games, websites and applications - we've built them all!

Front-end Web


HTML5, Javascript (jQuery), CSS - whether it's building websites, web applications or mobile applications delivered through mobile wrappers (eg PhoneGap), we can help.



PHP and MySQL, with a dash of linux admin - we've built CMSs, media converters, and APIs.

Contact Us

Ping us a message to discuss how we can help with your project.

Registered office: 57b Port Hall Road, Brighton BN1 5PD no: 8056219 vat: 134 1567 29